What is Pool Coping?

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Have you ever sat by the edge of a pool to dip your feet in? That is pool coping you are sitting an relaxing on. Pool coping is a structurally necessary piece for any pool as well as decorative giving your pool the custom edge that it deserves.  Below you can learn a little more about what pool coping is and it’s functions.

 What is Pool Coping?

Coping can be a natural stone or manufactured product that is used to conceal where the concrete patio the edge of the pool meet.  This is used as a decoration as well as keeping the structure in place.  Pool coping is usually about a foot wide and thickness can range depending on the type of products used for coping.  Natural stone is our ideal material for coping.  It is sturdy and creates the custom finished look we all want in a new pool.



Pool Coping is also used as a safety feature.  Due to contrasting in color with the rest of the patio, and pool water, it allows anyone looking to understand where the pool begins and the patio ends.  Usually about a foot wide, pool coping is a common sitting area for folks that would rather dip their feet in the pool as opposed to plunging in.

Coping is also usually a tad bit rougher than pavers.  This helps anyone walking around the pool with a non-slip surface.  Although coping has a bit rougher surface this does not mean it is safe to run by the pool.  Please do not run on coping!! Safely walk as to avoid any injuries.




Your pool is much like a photo, and your coping is the frame that ties it all together.  Pool coping can be used with any natural stone or manufactured product.  Doing so you can pick from several colors, lengths, widths, to fit your needs in a pool design. A custom gunite/concrete pool is formed and shaped to your desire.  Utilizing the necessary coping as a decoration and outline to your pool adds to the customized look and feel for your back yard.

Ready to learn more about the ins and outs of pool building, and get started on the perfect design for your home?  Call our design studio today to begin your custom project that gives your pool the edge that it needs.


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