Pool Care Tips in Severe Weather

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Let’s go with the Flo…




As we prepare and bunker down for Hurricane Florence, or any upcoming severe weather, do not forget about your backyard! Proper pool care in storms can prevent your pool and pool area from being damaged and needing to be replaced. 

Here a few tips for severe weather prep for your pool:

• Do not drain your pool! The weight of the water is necessary for keeping your pool in the ground. Use a siphon to keep from over “flowing.”

• Do not cover your pool or close your automatic cover. Falling limbs or trees can damage your cover and replacing your cover can be costly.

• Remove all loose items in your pool area – chairs, umbrellas, tables, etc.. In high winds, these can  become projectiles and can cause damage.

• Turn off electric power to your pumps, heaters, or any other running equipment just prior to the height of the storm. Debris entering your pool could clog filters and your pool system could get damaged and need to be replaced. Turning off the power will also eliminate the possibility of any electrical trips.

• Shock or raise chlorine levels for anticipated extra water. This will allow some chlorine to remain once circulation is no longer available. Temporarily raise from 5.0 to 8.0 parts per million.


Being proactive and preparing for severe weather can save your pool and even your wallet.

Please do not jump into your pool in bad weather, stay safe!

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