Think outside of the box! The great thing about patio pavers is that they are available in a wide variety of different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. This means that patio design possibilities with pavers are endless. Every patio design we create at Ashton Group at the Beach is unique and specific to each customer’s individual needs because we meet with you and listen to your ideas before we design it. We want you to swoon over your paver patio project just as much as your neighbors will. 

It is almost guaranteed that your paver patio design will be a one of a kind, particularly if you are using natural stone pavers such as travertine, flagstone or bluestone, because no two stones are ever the same. They are able to be laid in different patterns from the classic brick patio pattern, random flagstone patio or a custom paver patio installation that will be sure to impress.

Travertine is a great natural stone paver option here at the Delaware beaches. Travertine is a natural stone material with many advantages.  Travertine paver stones are naturally blessed with the unique quality of non-discoloration created as a result of the mineral composition rather than achieved by artificial staining. Travertine pavers also resist extreme temperature changes. During summer this unique cooling quality paired with the fact that travertine pavers offer a natural skid resistant surface when wet making them the perfect choice around walkways, patios, and as pool decking. Perfect your beach lifestyle. In winter, they can easily withstand freeze/thaw temperatures to maintain their shape and color as well. 

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